Tax March Seattle is currently working on our Not One Penny campaign as part of a nationwide effort. Please check back for more ways to become involved and donate. 

You can click on a button or go to notonepenny.org to take the pledge and learn about the campaign. 



President Trump – release your tax returns! We marched on Seattle to remind Donald Trump that he works for us.

The Tax March isn't an organization—it's a movement and marches happened in over 100 cities across the nation. The White House said no one cares about the President's tax returns. We marched because the President must be accountable to the American people. On April 15th, we demanded that Trump release his tax returns and reveal his business dealings, financial ties, and any potential conflicts of interests. Accountability starts with transparency.

The march also shone a light on Washington state’s tax code, which is the most upside down in the nation. Low-income families pay seven times more of their income in taxes than the wealthy. Trump wants to change the federal tax code to grant huge breaks to the wealthy and the powerful. Washington’s tax code already does that. We need to clean up the tax code so that it works for all of us, not just the wealthy and powerful.


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For more information, visit taxmarch.org or email us at taxmarchseattle@gmail.com